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Discover the exhilarating world of bladed sports as the World Blade League brings together throwers, supporters, and organizers from around the globe. Our mission is to foster the growth and development of the bladed sports community by promoting inclusivity, sportsmanship, and athletic excellence.

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Our Purpose

The World Blade League (WBL) is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the global bladed sports community by promoting inclusivity, sportsmanship, and athletic excellence. We strive to create a sustainable platform that ensures long-term success and satisfaction for all throwers, supporters, and organizers. Our commitment lies in making participation more accessible by offering cost-effective resources, user-friendly training programs, and competitively priced gear.

Our Principles


We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome, empowered, and treated with dignity and respect, regardless of age, gender, race, or background. We believe in equal opportunities and strive to eliminate barriers to participation and success, including providing accessible resources and education to new venues and throwers.


We champion the spirit of friendly competition and encourage throwers  to demonstrate integrity, respect, and adherence to established rules and guidelines. Fair play and sportsmanship are the cornerstones of our community.

Positive Impact

The WBL aims to be a force for good, both in and out of the arena. We are dedicated to creating initiatives that support education and personal development while making a positive difference in the lives of everyone in the bladed sports community.


We value open dialogue and active engagement with the worldwide bladed sports community. Through transparent communication and providing a platform for all voices to be heard, we foster partnerships, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among our stakeholders.

Transparency and Consistency

We prioritize open communication and uphold consistent standards throughout our organization. Decisions will be made with input from community representatives and accessible, publicly disclosed procedures. Clear and concise rules will be established to provide a consistent experience across all venues. By doing so, we eliminate confusion and ambiguity, ensuring that throwers, supporters, and organizers have a shared understanding of the expectations and guidelines within the community.

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